Welcome to one of Ireland's greatest mysteries !

On the 24th September 1938, two days before the wedding of Lieutenant William McClintock, to society beauty, Helen Mackworth and while preparations were in full swing, the two lovers were found shot dead, together with the boy's mother.

No-one witnessed the shootings, despite the fact that there were many people in and around the house and much ado, in preparation for the forthcoming wedding. An inquest was hastily arranged and a verdict returned, all within a few hours of the shootings.

Two days later, instead of a wedding, a triple funeral took place and with the clouds of war looming, the event was, in time, largely forgotten, outside of the village of Carrigans.

However, within the village and surrounding area, whispers and speculation refused to go away and with this in mind, the writers, Frank McGurk and Ken McCormack decided, fifty years later, to attempt to solve the "Mysterious Affair at Dunmore".


"An absolute page-turner.
The whole story is very well researched and just carries you along."
- Mary Kenny, writer and columnist.